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Articles & Laws in Playing At Golf - 1745.
Here, beautifully framed in fine mahogany, "Articles & Laws in Playing at Golf." 13 rules of the game, conceived in 1745 by what was then the Company of Gentlemen Golfers, now the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, whose modern home is at Muirfield in East Lothian. These are the earliest known rules and were panned by an Edinburgh surgeon named John Rattray. His signature appears at the bottom. Verification of this document is from Encyclopedia Brittanica, 15th edition, 1991. This is a proud piece that deserves to hang in majesty on a special wall in your den or golf room. 19" x 23". Double matted and glass covered.

Rules of Golf $99.95.
Persimmon Pen And Pencil Set.
What's that you said? Persimmon? You mean you've got a pen and pencil made of persimmon? Like golf club persimmon? Yes, that's what we mean. As unusual an item as we've seen in our quest for high quality difference in golf-related items for Harris Links Collection. Pen and pencil each of highly polished persimmon, with miniature golf stick attached to the barrel. The pair sit in a very handsome wooden case of African Rosewood. (The case is a desirable item all by itself.) This may be the best possible gift you could give your favorite golfer. Each pen and pencil is individually hand-turned on a wood lathe, then sealed and polished by hand-rubbing. The wood is carefully chosen for its color and grain. You'll love this set! That's a promise. Exclusively for Harris Links Collection by Judy and Bill of Wood Write on Lemmon Drive in Reno.

Pen and Pencil Set $69 NOW $55.20.

Atop Your House, A Three Foot Golf Weathervane!
There it is, at the very peak of your home, a brass symbol of your involvement in, and passion for, the game of golf. It's of polished brass, and the golfer will move to and fro with the winds of all weather. This unusual piece can be mounted on or near the top, depending on the design of your roof. See inset drawings to show how it can be mounted on the peak of the roof, or straddling the peak. Or just under the peak as you see. Roof mount for peak is aluminum and adjustable. Mount for use just under the peak is heavy steel. Our collection offers a 16" desk top model, also of brass.

Weathervane Roof Top Model $210. HarrisCollection.Com    
Wine Stopper Gift Box
It seems a shame to only call this a Gift Box. Like describing your perfect wedge to the green last week "nice shot". This is a very special piece. Set of three beautifully sculpted pewter wine stoppers nestled nicely in an elegant wooden box. One stopper has a male golfer atop, another a female, the third a (what else?) golf bag. Each has it's own security chain. The box is hand- rubbed mahogany and believe me, it's a gift you'd be proud to give each member of your Saturday foursome.
GD-810 Wine Stopper Gift Box $34.99  Home Team Golf

"The Day I Shot a Hole-In-One"
We'll customize this one for you to honor this very special accomplishment. Provide us with your name, date, course name, hole number, yardage, and club used and we'll paint all the data on this handsome sign. There is a place for you to place the lucky ball and scorecard from that special round. 19" x 11"
No.GD-814 "Hole-in-one" Custom Sign $79.99  Home Team Golf

"The day I broke 80, 90, 100"
We've all got friends who have reached a new milestone in their quest to conquer the "Game". This sign commemorates their latest achievement. The bottom of the sign has a holder to display the scorecard from that special day. 11''X 14"
No.GD-815 "The day I broke.." Custom Sign $39.95 HarrisCollection.Com   

18th Hole at Mauna Lani

Price: $199.95
Home Team Golf

13th Hole at Augusta National

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